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"I have known Ben from Elevation Pictures since we were kids. He has been making excellent movies and photos for years at least since he was making skate videos way back in the 90's... Elevation Pictures does excellent work for family and businesses."
-Devon, Slรกinte Coffee, Loveland
Colorado Grown.
Ben Christiansen | Elevation Pictures
Ben Christiansen | Elevation Pictures
Ben Christiansen moved from Chicago to Greeley, CO when he was 15 months old (it was his parents' idea,) and grew up here. After high school he lived in Denver and a few of its' suburbs, and got as far South as Black Forest before returning to Greeley to settle down close to his family. He's an alumnus of Greeley Central and Aims, and has shot everything from food photography for the Club Level restaurants and suites at Pepsi Center to video for NCAA Division I sports.
Casey Christiansen was born in Denver but spent most of her formative years in the Arkansas River valley and on the Eastern plains. After graduating from Limon High School, she came to Greeley to attend UNC and decided to call it home. Her English degree, Film minor, and business experience are all valued assets.
We love Colorado. We're proud of our roots here, and to be part of the Greeley community.
On a Mission.
Our goal is to make timeless, beautiful digital media and as small an environmental impact as we possibly can. We use all low-energy LED lighting, have emphasized reduction of our use of single-use and non-recyclable plastics, and recycle everything we can't re-use. We're not perfect, but we're doing our best for our neighborhood and our planet.