"I have known Ben from Elevation Pictures since we were kids. He has been making excellent movies and photos for years at least since he was making skate videos way back in the 90's... Elevation Pictures does excellent work for family and businesses."         -Devon, Sláinte Coffee, Loveland
Ben Christiansen
Ben grew up in Greeley but was living in Colorado Springs when he decided to quit his corporate middle-management job and do what he probably always should have. He moved in with his dad, enrolled in the video production program at Aims,  and started Elevation Pictures with a borrowed camera and a clearance-aisle laptop in 2012. Since then, he has continually grown his skills, gear collection, and the company with the primary goals of  supporting local small businesses and non-profits, celebrating love and families, and forwarding social and environmental causes.
Outside of his work with Elevation, Ben can be found freelancing with other production teams and creating media for Front Range Fishing.
Casey Christiansen
Casey "joined" Elevation by dating Ben in 2014 and they made it legal by marrying in 2019. She has a full time job elsewhere but acts as chief wrangler of people for big video shoots, family portraits, and event photography. If you've ever attempted to get people to do things in front of a camera or line up for photos during a wedding, you know this is an invaluable skill. She's gotten pretty good with the cameras, too.
Ben and Casey live in Greeley's Sunrise neighborhood with their dog, Sabine. Look for them around town!
Our Mission
Since day one, Elevation Pictures motto has been, "Your adventures have never looked better." But then, providing our clients with the best value in digital media is only part of our mission. We also strive to craft our products in a sustainable, responsible manner.
We use all low-energy LED lighting, have emphasized reduction of our use of single-use and non-recyclable plastics, and recycle everything we can't re-use. We buy products made from recycled materials if they are available. We're not perfect, but we're doing our best for our neighborhood and our planet.
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