Elevation Pictures productions have aired on Xfinity Cable channels around Northern Colorado, shown on the big screen at the Kress Theater in Greeley, and gotten tens of thousands of views online. We can work with almost any budget to create a film you are proud to share. If you are looking to expand the online presence of your business, share your expertise, or capture a special moment, we'll help you tell your story.
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"Ben was wonderful to work with! Highly recommend Elevation Pictures for your project or for promoting your business! We had fun, he worked with us and made a beautiful film for our Assistance League. It was everything and MORE than we imagined! Thank you!!"
-Vikki, Assistance League of Greeley

We Are | Assistance League of Greeley | 2018

Made From Scratch | Chibby Wibbitz | 2017

"How Much Does a Video Cost?"
We get calls and emails all the time that start with what may seem like a simple question. However, it's a bit like calling a real estate agent and asking how much a house costs. It can be as much or as little as your budget allows: the value comes in being satisfied with the outcome. Here are some things to consider, followed by our basic pricing structure and how to estimate costs for your project.
Costs Associated with Video Production
We own cameras, lights, backdrops, and audio gear that are suitable for most basic productions, but in some cases we will need to rent additional, bigger, or better gear.
For bigger productions and live events, more hands can be helpful or even necessary. We know talented contractors who can add big value to your production if we can't handle it all in-house.
It's not something we run into often, but in some cases permits, licenses, or fees can apply, especially for larger productions. We don't own studio space (yet!) but we can rent it out if needed for your project.
-Stock Footage-
We have a small library of stock footage and access to several large collections. We can sometimes save you time and money by licensing stock footage scenes instead of shooting them.
Our shooting rates include an equal number of hours of in-house post-production. For many videos with simple title, graphic, color, and audio work this is enough to finish the project. Bigger projects may require additional days and/or contracted specialists. We will submit a preview of your film for your approval and do one round of edits at no additional cost.

Stock music can save you a ton over licensing popular songs. We have access to some of the same libraries as production houses many times our size, and we can license songs for any level of distribution.
Efficiency is secondary only to quality. We will schedule and plan to get the most of your valuable time and ours.
Pricing Guide
We'll build you a customized quote, but you can start here:
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